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Change of plans

mock cover, darkly bound

So I was originally going to do an album for FAWM (February Album Writing Month) that would be for Rachelle's band, The Swinging Jennys, from Music Land Maestress. But I have decided I'm not going to do that after all. I'm still going to do FAWM, but write songs for myself instead.

It's not that I don't like Music Land Maestress. I do. I'm just stuck on it. Chapter 8, the one I did during JaNoWriMo, was way too long, even for the part I did finish. So I need to distance myself from it.

Also, I was going through my author site, trying to figure out what needs updating, and I just had this overwhelming feeling that I had lost my focus as a writer. Maybe it was just me, maybe it was God trying to tell me something. I don't know. But I think I need to focus on those works presented on that site - Darkly Bound, The CYA Files, The Tales of Walden, and TimeSavers - for the time being, and put Music Land Maestress on the back burner. (Which reminds me, I should shoot John Cusick an e-mail asking about my query critique. It was supposed to come within 60 days, and I think it's been nearly that long since I submitted it).

One idea I had was that maybe I should do Music Land Maestress as a series - probably YA given the age of most of the characters. Cause as one book it would be WAY too long. (Case in point, the book as of the end of NaNoWriMo was only 7 chapters long - and already over 50k!). Maybe the first book would cover the discovery of Symphony, Coda, Ranvois, and Melody (the part of the book I already have done so far), and then the following books would go into finding the others. Is there any precedent for this, other than like the Sailor Moon novels (which are pretty good btw)? If you know of any, please tell me in the comments! I would like to find any examples I can read.

Well got to go to work. Plus I need to get to work on my FAWM songs - the first week ends on Friday!

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