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January is ending...

So January is ending...and with it the events I chose to participate in for January, namely JaNoWriMo and Choose-Your-Own-Novel Month. I finally came up with an idea for the latter, and just finished writing a rough version of the decision trees of each storyline today. They will all tie together somehow, probably in an epilogue. Kinda like a Seinfeld episode, where each character's plot ties together in the end. My tentative title for this loose story collection is Their Side, Our Side, Elsewhere. Still need to actually write the stories, but due to the format I want to type it up, which I'll have to wait to do till I get home.

JaNoWriMo hasn't been that successful. I was doing fine for awhile, but then I think I got stuck, and at this point I've pretty much given up on it. It's taken me all month to write one chapter, whereas for NaNoWriMo I wrote seven! I think I just got distracted. Plus I created a really strong monster for Allegron and the girls to fight but not a way to defeat it. Oops.

Eh well, by the grace of God (or maybe sheer luck), I'll get over this and succeed at my writing endeavors for February. Might have to set Music Land Maestress aside for a while though.

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