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A New Year, and JaNoWriMo

mock cover, darkly bound
Happy New Year everyone! It's 2013!

I'm hoping to accomplish a lot in terms of writing this year. I want to finish my NaNoWriMo novel, Music Land Maestress. I also want to revise Darkly Bound. It's been dormant for too long. And I'm planning to do NaPoWriMo in April, as well as possibly the April session of Camp NaNoWriMo. And maybe check out some of the NaNo-form events listed here. The "blog every day for a month" challenge sounds interesting. Also the GothNoWriMo challenge, where you write a gothic novel in the month of October. I've never written a gothic novel, but one of my favorite novels, Jane Eyre, is a Gothic novel, so I suppose I know what they are like. Anything that gets me writing more is worth checking out, I guess.

Besides that, I need to update my author website and probably change the layout to make it more "today." And also promote myself more. I have a healthy following/followed ratio on Twitter (I have 64 followers and follow 47 people), I have 201 Facebook friends (double what I started with on day 1), and I have 81 followers on Scribd. (LinkedIn I use for personal, writing, and web design purposes, so I'm not going to mention it, even though I link to it from my writing website). Not viral proportions, but not too bad. I need to be more active on social media, though; I pretty much ignore my writing Facebook. Technorati authority for this blog is bleh.

So, I guess my resolution is to write more in order to develop my craft, to promote myself more as a writer, and to work on the two novels I mentioned. Reasonable enough, I hope?

Toward that end, I am doing JaNoWriMo. Which is like NaNoWriMo but way less organized and it takes place in January, as in this month. I'm not even sure what the rules are. I'm just using it as an opportunity to work on my NaNo novel some more. Hope I can get through it without going crazy!

Feel free to ignore this part of the post. I just had to re-set up my connection of this blog with Technorati, and that requires inserting this code in a post. Here is the code for that: 2BVWF8MPATJS

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